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Creative Resources Global is a company with operations in Greenville, South Carolina and Shanghai, PRC.  Our President, Craig W. Peacock, has been based in Shanghai for over ten years, cultivating many long term relationships, developing a strong understanding of Chinese culture and managing the following operations:


· Two Wholly Foreign Owned Manufacturing Enterprises

· Two Joint Manufacturing Ventures

· A Chinese Domestic Manufacturing Company

· Import & Export Services


We have built our expanding clientele through a controlled growth strategy based on Quality, Reliability, Accountability and Trust.


As a manufacturer and intermediary, we understand all aspects of Chinese manufacturing.  Our U.S. and China offices provide our clients with round-the-clock availability to support our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Our world class product development processes incorporate specific product qualifications and critical elements, that in time, dictate our inspection process and ensure the quality of our clients’ products.  Working together, we develop the necessary product specifications and assure that our clients’ requirements are fully understood by our Chinese facilities.


We partner with our clients’ engineering and purchasing departments as their extension into China, providing parts at favorable prices.  Working with multiple, established sources, we ensure manufacturing redundancy while maintaining intellectual property protection.





200 E. CAMPERDOWN WAY  |   GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA 29601-5306  |   TELEPHONE 864-250-4440