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We understand that the implementation and effectiveness of a quality process system is critical to the success and trust of our clients. The control of all phases of engineering, inspection and packaging are integral to a successful process and ultimately superior products.


Our engineering includes the design, analysis, construction, testing and monitoring of parts or processes to meet customer expectations.


Drawings & Samples

· Work with customers to ensure their product drawings are dimensionally correct, and list critical aspects that are understandable in China.

· Ensure samples, pre-production, and production lots are dimensionally correct, and compare to customer approved drawings.

Part Production Approval Process (PPAP)

· Ensure proper controls for product development per customer requirements and expectations, incorporating the customers’ sample.

Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gauge R&R)

· Used for first time products, control plans, and first part approval process using 10-3-3 measuring process.

Statistical Process Control Analysis (SPC)

· Verify that tooling is statistically significant using SPC Excel and Minitab, through normal distribution and Six Sigma methods.

· Ensure the process is capable of meeting customers’ expectations.

Sample Design, Samples and Pre-Production

· Work with customers on the initial sample design as well as testing the initial samples.

· Verify that the initial samples and pre-production lots meet customer expectations as they relate to design, strength and overall visual appearance.

Nonconformance and Correction Action Reports (NC’s and CAR’s)

· Research and documentation of root cause, corrective and prevention action and cost impact.

· Initiation of NC’s and CAR’s as a result of “part” nonconformance or “process” nonconformance.

Engineering Change Notices (ECN’s)

· Documented “part” or “process” change by the customer, or for the customer’s consideration.

Data Collection and Trend Charts

· Daily tracking of lot defects and monitoring trends over time using process data. Percentage of overall defects for top quality issues are reviewed prior to shipments.

· Use trigger points.

Inspections involve measurements, testing and review of all products to verify that they meet customer expectations.

· Use of defect logs to track total observation defects during the production process. Defect logs are critical for process feedback to eliminate product or process nonconformance.

· Review all inspection results and defect logs prior to shipments.

· Final inspection acceptance/rejection to a predetermined Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) for all critical, major and minor characteristics.

Packaging is developed to ensure the best possible protection of products during distribution, storage and end use.

· Design and development of product packaging based on customer specifications and guidelines.

· All products are labeled to ensure proper identification and lot traceability.


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